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Located in California, the purpose-built Desert Reign Church (DRC) plays a central role in the Downey local community, providing a wide and varied range of daily services.

Built and completed in April 2009, the extraordinary DRC campus – part of Assemblies of God USA – was, primarily, created to extend the word of God to the community, through worship, care, prayer, and evangelism. With nine staff in total, including six pastors (plus an army of volunteers), services are delivered in English and Spanish and across different age groups, on a daily basis.

Among DRC’s mission statements is helping people to address their demons, such as those suffering from addictions and supporting them in rebuilding their lives. The DRC is also heavily invested in supporting citizens – regardless of faith – by providing offerings, such as regular ‘drive through’ style food bank and distribution services, a lifeline for many during and after the pandemic.


For the DCR, communication is paramount. Services are presented in the sanctuary and are also available for the congregation tuning in remotely via live streamed broadcasts, which have become increasingly popular for those unable to attend in person services.

Creating a joyful, engaging and inspiring environment is an essential component to the experience and the DRC team strives to find new, creative and inspiring methods to engage with churchgoers. For this, audio visual technology plays a crucial role. However, with an aging existing stage set-up and as part of a campus-wide upgrade program, DRC wanted to explore and seize new opportunities, utilizing the latest advances in the digital display market to take the visual experience for current and future congregants from all walks of life to a whole new level.


Following extensive research, DRC turned to TechArts – an AV/IT system integration company with specialist experience in the houses of worship market – to create a solution that could match its ambitions and high expectations.

PPDS was the standout partner of choice for TechArts and the decision was taken – with the full blessing of DRC – to design and build a ‘unique’ state-of-the art Philips dvLED display wall on the main stage. This would be used to deliver creative content during an ever-broadening range of services and events for those inside the church, while also providing more engaging experiences via its live broadcasts and catchup services.

Measuring 31ft x 11ft (406.5?), the imposing LED wall – the largest built by PPDS in North America to date – was installed and brought to life Installed in under a week using the 1.9 pixel pitch Philips L-Line 9000 dvLED Series, with the spectacular display providing picture perfect visibility from all seated and standing areas in the auditorium.


Optimal viewing experience: Quality components, including gold wiring, deliver whites, blacks, color, contrast, texture and speed without compromise, allowing DRC to display content (including text) clearly.

Collaborative installation process: PPDS and TechArts worked together as a team with DRC, with live set up and demos provided offsite, ensuring all requirements were met ahead of installation.

Active Health Monitoring: Helping to ensure every pixel is working as it should, Active Health Monitoring makes maintenance predictable, fast and efficient, pinpointing the problem and its location in real time.

Certified fire retardancy: For added peace of mind, fire retardant design slows the spread of flames in the event of fire. Tested and certified with British standard (BS476), B1 DIN4102, and UL94.

IP30 rated conformal coating: Dust, dirt, fungus and moisture resistant, IP30 rated conformal coating protects Philips LED displays and enables easier maintenance. Certified against ingress for reduced risk of short circuit.