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ITAS Mutua

ITAS Mutua creates a harmony of innovations in the boardroom with PPDS


A noble mission. A legendary name. ITAS Mutua was founded in 1821 as a non-profit mutual aid insurance company with the mission to protect members, their families, and their assets from plague-like fires. Now ITAS Mutua has become Italy’s oldest insurance company and is regarded as one of the main players in its field. Keeping true to their roots, ITAS Mutua reinvests their earnings into projects to support the community and territory. Combined with their goal of inspiring and educating people to protect themselves, it’s easy to recognise ITAS Mutua as a perfect example of true integrity.


As an insurance company with the people’s best interest at heart, ITAS Mutua’s noble cause has lead them to grow into a trusted super brand. This took their humble beginnings from the old Tyrol region to a new location set in the modern neighbourhood of Trento. The choice of setting up their headquarters in an environmentally conscious urban redevelopment signified their commitment to sustainability and efficiency. With their boardroom designed in a central and elevated position, this 200sqm room needed an equally modern AV solution that was both big and bright enough to ensure perfect visibility of content during the board’s strategic meetings with partners and clients.

"The Edo Benedetti room is the most important meeting place in the ITAS building and it is where the Boards of the company and its associates meet up. The new Philips high-definition screens allow us to achieve a result of an outstanding quality to be used by the strategic members of our company. " Mauro Luchetta, Director, ITAS Patrimonio


To give their boardroom the AV solution it deserves, ITAS Mutua teamed up with PPDS and 3P Technologies for a state-of-the-art display set-up. To complement the extremely large space, an awe-inspiring 137” Philips L-Line LED wall was strategically installed to ensure that the content becomes the centre of attention. This oversized display is masterfully finished in a tailor-made support frame with an elegantly coordinated custom-colour that evokes a prestigious executive feel. Two 98” Philips D-Line displays were also installed for design consistency across the boardroom.

The entire system is fully integrated with the ITAS Mutua Crestron Connected system—allowing for optimised display functionality and device connectivity for seamless content switching and control. To ensure a greener footprint, the displays also switch off automatically at predefined times. The result of this installation brought perfect harmony to the architectural context and the functional needs of ITAS Mutua.


  • Meeting efficiency: Content to the big screens can be shared and controlled securely and instantly via any wireless device on the Creston Connected corporate network, ensuring smooth and efficient meetings.
  • Total control: Power and settings for the displays, camera, and microphone can all be controlled via the Crestron Connected corporate system for effortless operation.
  • Custom integration: Tailor-made frames perfectly fit to the unique architecture, materials, and the interior design characteristic of the boardroom.
  • Energy efficiency: Low power consumption displays and automated shutdown help keep the cost of business and environmental impact down.