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A Behind the Scenes of Absen Inc's Latest Case Study Video

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A Behind the Scenes of Absen Inc's Latest Case Study Video
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Absen Inc and MarketScale recently partnered with Peppermill Resorts and Casino in Reno, Nevada for a case study video featuring Peppermill’s world renown “Windows of the World” video photography that is displayed on Absen LED walls throughout the resort. From the entrance to the restaurants and casino areas, resort guests are greeted with amazing video of some of beautiful places on earth and brings the ambiance of the world to the Peppermill Resort properties.

The video features Peppermill Resort’s Joe Ness, Chris Bentzen, and Chris Scott as they share how “Windows of the World transformed the ambiance of the resort through Absen LED walls. Joe focused on the vision of the Windows of the World and how the Absen LED walls have brought that vision to life throughout the Peppermill property. Chris Bentzen and Chris Scott talked about how the Absen LED panels were easy install and maintain as opposed to other products they used in the past. Joe also shared how much he loved the Absen panels, especially the Acclaim Plus 1.2 and 2.5 models.

The Acclaim Plus series is one of Absen Inc’s flagship products and is prominently displayed throughout the resort. With a pixel pitch range of 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.5 and 3.8mm,   a refresh rate of 3840H z   and a brightness of 600- 1 000  nits, it’s no wonder Joe fell in love with them. Currently there are over 1,000 Absen Acclaim Plus panels featured in the 6 Peppermill properties. The average size is of each LED wall is 15 – 20 ft. Having that many LED displays means that installation and maintenance is important. The Acclaim P lus  has easy front access to the panels for maintenance installation since the majority of the LED walls at the properties are wall mounted installation. Another key element of the Acclaim Plus is that it is Full HD/4K compatible. The “Windows of the World” footage Joe shot is in 4K and thus is perfect for the Acclaim Plus. Also, the bezel free nature of the LED wall allows for the footage to come across seamlessly.

The XD 6 Plus is also featured prominently on the property.  The main marquee entering the property is an XD 6 Plus and is the perfect outdoor LED for the resort. The XD 6 Plus is a water-resistant outdoor panel that can handle the harsh elements Nevada has to offer. It has a pixel pitch of 6.6mm and also features high brightness, contrast, and refresh rate. The XD 6 Plus also has both front and rear installation and maintenance With Peppermill Resorts utilizing several Absen products to enhance the resort experience, the partnership between the companies will increase over the years. Partnerships are what drives companies to grow together. Without a vision, ideas don’t come to fruition. Without amazing partners, those ideas are never implemented. Fortunately for Absen, Joe,  and Peppermill Resort, “Windows of the World” is an example of two visions aligning to create something that not only shows a but a window of our world but makes it shine brighter.