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The National Judicial College - Kramer Electronics Case Study

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The National Judicial College - Kramer Electronics Case Study
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The National Judicial College - Kramer Electronics Case Study
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About The National Judicial College

Founded in 1963, The National Judicial College (NJC) is the nation’s leading provider of judicial education. The first to offer programs to judges nationwide, the NJC continues to work with the judiciary to improve productivity, challenge current perceptions of justice and inspire judges to achieve judicial excellence. To further its mission of education, innovation and advancing justice, the NJC offers an average of 90 courses/programs annually with more than 4,000 judges attending from all 50 states, US territories and more than 150 countries.

The NJC’s 50 year-old tradition culminated in the opening of its 90,000 square-foot facility that houses five state-of-the-art classrooms, a 150-seat auditorium, multimedia room and an updated model courtroom. The courtroom has a jury room, attorney conference rooms, interpreter booth, media room, and judge’s chambers. 


Our challenge was to manage and control a seamlessly integrated, easy-to-use audio/video system that would facilitate communication throughout several rooms and consistently reproduce an outstanding signal.

 “This system is a showcase for judges throughout the country, so the technology had to be stellar and reliable, as well as user-friendly,” said Kevin Sandler, CEO and founder of ExhibitOne. 


The audio/video technology in the courtroom is anchored by Kramer products. The system allows communication throughout the mock court room with individual video screens and big screen displays as well as video to the jury room, media room, judge’s chambers and attorney rooms.

The model courtroom system includes a VS-162V 16x16 composite video matrix switcher and a VS-3232DN modular multi-format digital matrix switcher for signal management. Each attorney table has a SID-X1 multi-format video over twisted pair transmitter and Step-in module that allows the input of up to four sources (HDMI, DVI, VGA and DISP Port) plus audio. 

The signal, which is routed through the switchers and the PT-572+ twisted pair receivers, can be switched to the main courtroom displays as well as individual displays at the jury box, attorney room and media room using an intuitive touch-screen panel. Signals are routed through the twisted pair transmitters and receivers and distributed as necessary by a VM-1H4C twisted pair distribution amplifier or VM-8H HDMI distribution amplifiers.  A FC-46xl audio de-embedder reproduces clear HDMI audio signals for the courtroom. 


 “We designed it using Kramer equipment because we know Kramer’s track record for reliability and ease-of-use, and the Kramer technology consistently reproduces an outstanding signal every time,” said Kevin Sandler, CEO and founder of ExhibitOne.