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Boston’s Restaurant & Sports Bar
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Boston’s Restaurant & Sports Bar
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About Boston’s Restaurant & Sports Bar

Boston’s is a Canadian-based restaurant and sports bar franchise founded in 1964. The franchise includes nearly 400 locations across the US, Canada and Mexico. Kramer is proud to be providing AV products and solutions to the chain’s first ever location in the State of Colorado, USA.


As part of a major remodeling effort, Boston’s goal and challenge was to provide customers with a crystal clear full-HD viewing experience throughout the entire restaurant. The installation, which included dozens of displays and routing equipment, had to be high end and quick. The restaurant could only close for two days for remodeling.


The installation gave Boston’s a full HDMI system that sends a variety of HD video sources to multiple screens throughout the facility. Multiple Kramer VM-2Hxl HDMI distribution amplifiers along with TP-573/TP-574 twisted pair transmitters and receivers achieved the desired result.

The Boston’s AV system includes seven Kramer VM−2Hxl HDMI distribution amplifiers, each of which distributes HDMI signals to two identical outputs. Three sets of TP-573 DGKat™ twisted pair transmitters and TP-574 DGKat twisted pair receivers send HD video and audio over a single twisted pair wire.

All Sound Designs, the professional integrator, built a special rack system in the bar area to house Kramer products and video sources. The six-foot rack pulls out and rotates 65 degrees for easy access to the equipment and wiring.

Guests are now surrounded by crystal clear video throughout the facility. Four 80-inch flat panel displays line the east wall of the bar and a variety of 80-, 60-, 55- and 42-inch displays are showcased on the remaining walls. The dining room has three 47-inch and four 32-inch flat panel displays in each corner.

With an independent control system, every display can receive video from any source signal. Serial and IR control for the equipment rack and monitors and IR distribution for the dining area displays allow the universal remote control system to reach the entire complex.


“We chose the Kramer product because of its performance and reliability. Also, the Kramer seven-year warranty is a huge bonus to my clients,” said Jim Fraser, Commercial/Professional Systems Designer for All Sound Designs.

“The Kramer product is easy to use and control – each piece of equipment talks to the others, making it seamless and easy to operate,” added Fraser.